Mary Duke

Mary Duke has served as Director of TEEN STRAIGHT TALK since 1989.  Mary and her late husband, Roland Duke, founded the TEEN STRAIGHT  TALK Ministry. She is a graduate of the Wilkins School of Cosmetology,  and earned her degree in Special Education from Kent State University. In  1991, TEEN STRAIGHT TALK became a non profit organization to teach  “total abstinence” as a lifestyle, and the most excellent choice. Mary and  other trained abstinence educators have spoken to thousands of students  in all types of educational settings throughout the United States. Mary has  led mission trips to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and St. Lucia in the Caribbean  where she witnessed souls won for the Kingdom of GOD, and people committing to an abstinence lifestyle. TEEN STRAIGHT TALK, along with its affiliate in South Carolina, joined forces to present a family conference in Album, Alabama. At the conference, she was presented with a plaque and was recognized by the Governor of the State of Alabama. In 1998, Mary was presented the Professional Women of Trumbull County Achievement Award by YWCA and AAUW. She also represented TEEN STRAIGHT TALK at the White House during National Aids Week. Mary’s passion runs deep. She is more committed than ever to shout our God’s truth, while training others to educate young people in the importance of practicing “total abstinence”; making an eternal difference in their lives. Mary has four children; all have chosen health related careers.

 Ted Smith

Ted Smith has been actively involved in Abstinence Education, Curriculum  Development and grant writing for TEEN STRAIGHT TALK since 2007.  Additionally, he teaches the Abstinence Program in the schools, instructs in  parental workshops and participates at conferences. He has participated in  outreach with TEEN STRAIGHT TALK in South, West Coast Africa and the  Caribbean. Ted holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Youngstown  State University, a Master Degree in Education from Kent State University  and Master Plus 10 in Environmental Studies from Kent State University.  He has over thirty years experience teaching Science and Biology. Ted is  married and has two children and three grandchildren.



Dodie small

 Dodie Sausman

Support Secretary

Dodie Sausman  was raised in Warren, Ohio and graduated from Warren G. Harding High School in 1947.  She is married to Edward Sausman and has 3 sons, and 7 grandchildren.  Employed with Household Finance, June, 1947 for seven years, Secretary for Howland Board of  Education, 20 years, Employed at Mahoning Valley Rescue Mission in Family Services Dept. for one year, then became secretary in the main office, transferred to Executive Secretary to the Director for nine years.  While serving the Director, helped Mary Duke with her ministry of Teen Straight Talk beginning in 1987 and  is still with Mrs. Duke in a  part-time secretarial position.







Cassandra Leavell

Office Manager

 In 2004, Cassandra Leavell accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in New Port Richey, Florida and shortly thereafter received her calling into  ministry.  In July of 2006, Cassandra received her Missionary license in Atlanta, Georgia under her then Bishop Paul Warner Jr.  after extensive training in St. Petersburg, Florida. A  few years after moving to Ohio  for over a three year period of training  Cassandra experienced Minister’s Training.  Having evidence of professing the gifts of work of the gospel ministry, Cassandra was licensed to preach the Gospel on September 8th, 2013 in the state of Ohio.  Having a passion for the Lord Jesus, youth and young adults working with Executive Director Mary Duke and Staff  has been a awesome fit for Cassandra. She has been the Teen Straight Talk Office Manager since June of 2015.    In November 2016, Cassandra  traveled with Teen Straight Talk to El Salvador to preach the word of God and anticipates traveling to many more countries to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  Cassandra has been married for  13 years to her husband Elder Charity Leavell and they have three beautiful children.