School and Youth Group Objectives

Teen Straight Talk provides a program to schools and youth group to inform students on the dangers of sexual activity before marriage. The purpose of the program is to effectively present the message of abstinence and instill a process of decision making that will support a healthy lifestyle.




  • To clearly present abstinence as a commitment to abstain from all forms of sexual activity.
  • To educate children, teens, and adults with the consequences of sexual activity outside the boundaries of marriage.
  • To develop an abstinence education program that is appropriate to meet the needs of a diverse audience of adolescents – aged 12 through 18.
  • To create awareness that today’s music, television, movies, magazines, media, peers, and the internet directly and indirectly influences decisions that may dictate or impact one’s lifestyle.
  • To promote an understanding that abstinence includes abstaining from anything that may be unhealthy to one’s wellbeing.
  • To teach self-worth, values, truths, and healthy personal choices.