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Voices of our youth seeking the truth.
Comments From Kids After Seeing Our Program


“How come they aren’t teaching us this in school?” – a 14 year old girl
“I did not know that having sex before marriage was a sin. I’m immensely thankful that you told us that!” -Alex, 7th grader
“I have learned a lot. First I learned that God loves me, and I’m important so I have to make right choices to please him. I’ve also learned how not to get any STD’s, by not having sex.” – Sausha 7th grader
“Next year I’m off to high school and I’ll be faced with some tough challenges. [The presentation] will always stick with me when I’m making choices!” – Dionna, 8th grader
“I really liked how you didn’t show up and give some boring lecture on this. You showed us so much love, and I love how said we are all worth something!” – Emily, 8th grader
“Noone ever told us about this in our health class… wow!” – a 13 year old girl after seeing our presentation


Q: “My parents were not married when they had me. Does that mean I am a sin?”
A: “No, all life is a blessing. You are a beautiful person, the act of sex before marriage was a sin, not you.”
Q: “What do you do when your Mom says ‘Don’t have sex!’, but your Dad hands you a condom?”
A: “I can’t speak for your parents, but today you have heard the truth. Now you have to make that choice based on what you’ve just heard.”
Q: “There are a lot of girls who just let themselves for guys, you know just dressing really sexual all the time. What should I do about it?”
A: “Temptation will always be around, trying to get you to mess up. You have the choice to engage or not to engage in it.”


This is just a preview of what our youth are dealing with everyday. Sexual activity and other high risk behaviors MUST be addressed to help our youth make decisions that will greatly benefit them! With every presentation, Teen Straight Talk comes to clarify the many myths and lies that society has told our young people. We invite YOU to join us on an upcoming presentation to truly see how we “Reach Our Youth With Truth”.


—Featured Quotes from:
St. Luke Catholic School
Cuyahoga Community College- Youth Leadership Camp