Each Teen Straight Talk program is presented by highly trained, experienced Educators who will empower the audience with the information necessary to help them make healthy, wise daily choices. Much emphasis is placed on understanding consequences of high-risk behaviors and the numerous benefits derived from abstaining from all high risk acts including the urgency to abstain from sexual activities until entering the bond of marriage.


BUILDING BLOCKS (ages 6-8)An age-appropriate presentation that informs children about the importance of making healthy choices now and encouraging them to seek identity and value positive relations. Children learn foundational principles such as What is truth, Doing the right thing, Saying no, Choices, consequences, dealing with feelings, etc.
BRIDGING THE GAP (ages 9-11)A program to help youth better understand relationships with family and friends while teaching the importance of setting standards and commitments to the next stage of life.
TEEN STRAIGHT TALK (ages 12-18)Our standard core program centers on the consequences of high-risk behaviors while focusing on personal worth, good judgment and clear decision-making. Abstinence is reinforced as a boundary from all high-risk behavior to promote a moral and healthy lifestyle. Students learn steps to building a firm foundation with emphasis on critical thinking, allowing them to explore the other side of the story in today’s world.



LIVING OUT THE TRUTH (guided parenting program)Often parents may feel ill equipped to deal with many tough issues pressing on our youth.TST’s Living Out the Truth program provides the information and tools with which they can address those issues with confidence.
PARENTS FOR CHANGEThrough the development of parent support groups working relationships are built among the members that encourage healthy family interaction and promote increased quality family life.
STRAIGHT TALK FOR PARENTS (parental education)Education starts at home. Parents are a child’s first and most influential role model. Teen Straight Talk educates parents on the different parenting styles, techniques and effects in an effort to build stronger, healthier relationships.