Parents for a Change




A program designed for developing and improving family relationships.

Today all parents and their families are seeing and experiencing situations the younger generation is dealing with today. They are constantly being challenge by the culture to make many critical choices and decisions reflect on their character, values and morality. Teen Straight Talk is deeply committed to working with concerned parents and grandparents in grappling with the realities of the present time.


  • To provide strength to families by offering parental strategies for teens and young adults.
  • To educate parents and grandparents on current topics and issues facing our teens and young adults in today’s fast moving-ever changing world.
  • To provide necessary tools, resources and effective methods to address the problems and challenges our teens and young adults are confronting each day in a troubled society.
  • To encourage a healthy interaction in families and promote increased quality family life.
  • To develop parental support groups and build working relations between parents in the groups.