Our Mission

VISION: Reaching + Teaching with Truth

The mission of Teen Straight Talk is to equip children with truth, unaltered by the ever-changing morals of our society. The values they learn will provide them with an unchanging grid of truth through which all diverse information must flow as opposed to the “accepted truth” that has evolved from the moral decline of our society.

For the past 20 years Teen Straight Talk has been passionately educating children, teens, and adults regarding the importance of abstinence as a lifestyle choice. Much emphasis is placed on the consequences of participating in sexual activity outside the boundaries of marriage and the numerous benefits from abstaining from all sexual activities until entering the bond of marriage. Prime focus is also placed on personal worth, a belief system resting on absolute truth, exercising judgment based on evidence, clear decision making, understanding consequences and accountability for one’s actions and choices.

Below is a message from our founder and director, Mary Duke.

I personally want to thank for visiting our web-site. My name is Mary Duke, and I am the Director of the Teen Straight Talk Ministry. It is our hope that these pages of information will expose our love for you, our young people and God.Our focus and intention over these past twenty two years has been to educate youth in God’s TOTAL TRUTH, so they can discern the lies of our culture. We believe that every young person has a God given right to be educated in His total Truth. We expect them to believe and obey His word to protect themselves from the mixed messages from our culture.Teen Straight Talk ministry is comprised of a committed board, dedicated staff and volunteers that share God’s heart in reaching and teaching youth in Gods Truth.

Teen Straight Talk cannot do this alone. As you explore our-site pages I pray you will join us in the fight for our children’s lives with God’s abundance.

Again welcome,

Mary Duke

Founder & Director

Thank you once again for visiting our site!

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