Become An Educator

Abstinence Educator Training

Empowering individuals to teach the truth about abstinence.

Teen Straight Talk is always attempting to extend the message of “truth” to all. It is vital that our message be consistent without alteration whenever presented. To meet these needs, Teen Straight talk partners with “Abstinence Educators”—individuals and groups who will spread the word about the necessity of abstinence.


Becoming An Abstinence Educator

Individuals who wish to become an TST Abstinence Educator and intend to serve as an independent agency apart from Teen Straight Talk must be trained according to a presubscribed policy. This is necessary to maintain the integrity and credibility of a message that has been without compromise for over thirty years. The following training procedure and utilization of the TST Standard Program is as follows:

  • Must complete twelve hours of the TST Training Course
  • Must observe at least three presentations and give three or more supervised presentations (or as many additional as needed).
  • Must fulfill the qualifications, requirements, responsibilities, and duties as laid out in the Abstinence Educator job description.
  • A fee of $155.00 will be required for the TST training course. The assessment will cover the classroom instruction, observations, supervised presentations, consultations, and all written materials offered.


Completing The Program

Completing the Abstinence Educator program grants the trainee many resources and responsibilities to help along the way, such as:

  • Powerpoint presentation materials
  • The Standard TST Program to use in abstinence education courses
  • A complete program narration
  • Abstinence Educator are granted the liberty (and expected to) update any statistical information to stay current, as long as it is documented by one or more creditable and reliable sources.
  • Keep in touch! We love to hear progress, share experiences, and provide new information (such as updated statistics,etc.), and simply stay connected as partners of faith in a common cause.
  • Every candidate must sign a contractual agreement to present the program in completion without alteration, elimination or change of any principle of the “truth” found therein.