Welcome To Teen Straight Talk

The mission of Teen Straight Talk is to equip children with truth, unaltered by the ever-changing morals of our society. The values they learn will provide them with an unchanging grid of truth through which all diverse information must flow as opposed to the “accepted truth” that has evolved from the moral decline of our society.








May 2016 Community Forum

communityPastor Cruz                        Pastor Lowe              Pastor Barker                         Pastor Walker                                  Pastor Johnson


Pastor Cruz

Unity Baptist Church

5920 South Ave

Boardman,OH 44512

Pastor Lowe

 Journey Christian Church

151 Folsom Street N.W. 

Champion, OH 44483


Pastor Barker

 Cortland Trinity Baptist Church 

2576 McCleary Jacoby Road

 Cortland, Ohio 44410

Pastor Walker

Restoration Christian Fellowship Church 

760 South Main St.SW 

Warren, OH 44483

Pastor Johnson

Second Baptist Church

“A House of Hope”

1510 Main Ave SW

Warren, OH 44485

4th Annual Strengthening The Family Conference Highlights