Welcome To Teen Straight Talk

The mission of Teen Straight Talk is to equip children with truth, unaltered by the ever-changing morals of our society. The values they learn will provide them with an unchanging grid of truth through which all diverse information must flow as opposed to the “accepted truth” that has evolved from the moral decline of our society.


Community Pillars Partner with Teen Straight Talk

Mission Statement


The Pillars represent a group of individuals deeply concerned about the current and future well being of our local communities, while realizing the family is the basic structure of our community and the youth are its future. The Pillars are drawn together in a common effort to reach out and help meet the needs and challenges facing our families and youth today. Members are urged to invest their gifts, talents and time in one or more of the five following pillars of service:


  • Strengthening The Family
  •    Civic Engagement and Responsibility
  •    Developing Sound Belief and Value System
  •    Mentoring
  •    Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Pillars Lunch