Welcome To Teen Straight Talk




The mission of Teen Straight Talk is to equip children with truth, unaltered by the ever-changing morals of our society. The values they learn will provide them with an unchanging grid of truth through which all diverse information must flow as opposed to the “accepted truth” that has evolved from the moral decline of our society. The drastic breakdown in the family structure where each child’s love, identity, security, protection and spiritual guidance must be taught by the parents first. The Teen Straight Talk program centers on educating youngsters in personal worth, attributes and value through healthy choices to realistically meet their dreams and goals in life. Teen Straight Talk recognizing the key role of the family in the life of our children  strives to assist parents in a combined effort to reach our children’s most basic needs through sound teaching. Each Teen Straight Talk program is presented by highly trained, experienced Abstinence Educators who will empower their audience with the information necessary to help them make healthy wise daily choices. Much emphasis is placed on understanding the numerous benefits derived from abstaining from all high risk acts including the urgency to abstain from sexual activities until entering the bond of marriage. To schedule a program or to obtain more information contact the TST program coordinator by calling 330-539-6040. TST will locate sponsoring partners to assist those unable to afford program costs.